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Clear Aligner Treatment

Impact of Trim-line on Clear Aligner Treatment Outcome

In the field of orthodontic care, the advancement of clear aligners has transformed the process of shifting teeth into their intended alignment. The material makeup and structural design of these aligners are pivotal for the success of treatment. Yet, an…

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Power Ridges: Its Use in Clear Aligner Treatment

The Power of Ridges Consider the power ridges as a hack designed to provide certain teeth a given amount of pressure or movement, such as tipping backward or forward. The rectangular or circular indent on the transparent aligner serves as…

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Button Cuts & Elastic Hooks in Clear Aligners

Can Clear Aligners Treat All Kinds of Malocclusions? Orthodontists are still limiting the use of Clear Aligners for treatment till Class I malocclusion cases only. Why do you think they shy away from treating Class II and Class III malocclusion…

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