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Power Ridges: Its Use in Clear Aligner Treatment

The Power of Ridges

Consider the power ridges as a hack designed to provide certain teeth a given amount of pressure or movement, such as tipping backward or forward. The rectangular or circular indent on the transparent aligner serves as a potent instrument to exert pressure or torque control on the tooth and move it inwards or outwards.

There are two simple ways of placing these indentations on the aligners:

3D Printing Integration

Utilizing treatment planning software, an imprint is formed on the digital anatomy of the tooth. The resulting plastic foil keeps the shape of the 3d printed dental anatomy together with the indents when a clear aligner is thermoformed on a 3d-printed model with such an indent. The torque required to cure malocclusion will be provided by these indents, as desired.

Precision Tool

An appliance/precision tool is used to make indents on the aligners as needed and recommended by the treating Orthodontist. The tool which looks like a plier, squeezes an aligner at the intended location to leave an indent.

Power-ridge Tool

The usual location of these power ridges is on the upper or lower incisors on the labial and lingual sides. Keep in mind that, it is natural for the aligner to have a minor gap between the aligner and the tooth due to this indent. This space is due to the ridge that is placed intentionally.

It is definitely recommended that the patient is made aware of this stage of treatment when handing over the aligner. They should be strongly advised to use chewies for the recommended duration to maximize the results of the intent with which such a power ridge is placed on the clear aligner. Advise the patient about the expected pain and discomfort for the first few days due to the added pressure given by the indents.

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