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Getting Started

Orthodontic clear aligners for tooth movement have gained popularity as they have dramatically excellent advantages over traditional braces. They are removable, invisible, come with no diet restriction, are easy to maintain, are great for maintaining oral health, extremely comfortable when compared to metal mouth aka traditional braces.

With demand for clear/invisible teeth aligners rising by the day, it is only logical to start offering aligners at your practice. And this is where you will find us ready with all the answers you are looking for. Check out our FAQ to know more.

The Process

Customized packaging for clear aligner brand building is essential to establishing a powerful brand. Brand and logo printing on packaging helps build a strong brand association.

Impression & Cast

An impression is collected of a patient’s dental anatomy digitally using an intraoral scanner or a cast (then scanned using a desktop scanner). The scanning software generates a digital impression of the patient’s teeth.

Treatment Planning

The scan and OPG/X-ray are used by the Orthodontist or a treatment planning service to make a planned course for the patient. A video of the planned movement/shift is generated at this stage using treatment software such as 3Shape, Archform, Blueskybio, Onyxchep, Softsmile, Maestro3d supporting .STL file format. Quiteclear does not provide treatment planning.

3D Printing of Dental Model

Once planned digital files are uploaded on the Quiteclear ordering Dashboard, manufacturing is started at Quiteclear by digital repairing and 3d printing of the models using industrial 3d printers for the dental industry to achieve the highest accuracy.


The 3D Printed models are used to thermoform clear aligners using FDA and CE-approved materials like Scheu Duran+, Scheu® CA Pro, Erkodent® Erkodur®, Erkodent® Erkodur-al®, Taglus® Premium, Taglus® Pu Flex, Bay Medical Zendura™
FLX, Bart Medical® Ghost, or as per your requirement. This service is chosen by clients who like to launch their own clear aligner brand.

Finishing, Polishing & Marking

The aligner appliances are trimmed (Either scalloped margin, straight cut at gingival zenith or straight cut at 2 mm above the gingival zenith) as per the client’s clinical preferences, marked and numbered as per the requirement.

Packaging & Shipping

The aligner/retainer appliances are shipped to the client/lab for the B2B business model or directly to the patient in case of the B2C business model of the client.

white label dental aligner manufacturers

White Label Manufacturing

Our while-label manufacturing services make it easier for clinics, clear aligner laboratories, orthodontic aligners lab, and aligner companies to focus on launch and growth while our manufacturing partnership provides them with all the support they need ranging from manufacturing, and brand packaging to shipping directly to their clients.

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