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Price Drop Alert: Zendura FLX!


What is Quiteclear?

Quiteclear offers Dentists, dental laboratories, independent clinics, and aligner companies the service of white-label manufacturing clear aligners. Quiteclear is a subsidiary of Thirdinrev Global, a 3D Printing solutions company.

Does Quiteclear provide aligner treatment planning?

Our services in India do not include clear aligner treatment planning. Reach us and we can connect you to some experts.

How do I start manufacturing with Quiteclear?

Fill in the form and we will connect with you.

How to start a clear aligner business?

Check out our guide on ‘how to launch your own aligner brand’. Still getting stuck somewhere? Reach out and we will guide you.

What do I need to start ordering clear aligners?

Digital Planned STL files exported from any orthodontic clear aligner software.

What software can I use to plan an invisible aligner treatment?

Some widely used software include 3Shape, Archform, Blueskybio, Onyxchep, Softsmile, Dentone, planmeca, orchestrate3d, arcadlab, and Maestro3d. Reach out if you need more guidance on the treatment planning for clear aligners and we will point you in the right direction.

What scanners can I use?

Some widely used intraoral scanners include 3shape Trios, Medit, 3M True Definition, Aligntech iTero, Shining 3D, Straumann, Dentsply Sirona, and Carestream. Alternatively, lab scanners are Maestro 3D and Amann Girrbach.

Where do I send the digital files to place an order?

We have launched our online portal called the ‘Quiteclear Dashboard’ for clients to experience a seamless ordering process and real-time tracking of all orders.

What can I use the Quiteclear Dashboard for?

  • Add patients and manage address (excellent tool for B2C business)
  • Seamless ordering in a few clicks (Just like adding items to your e-com basket)
  • Payment gateway at checkout
  • Real-time updates on orders visible on the Dashboard and receive mail/text for the same.
  • Order-patient history available to manage continuing orders
  • Download order history (.csv) and manage data for internal purposes
  • Download invoices from the portal

Can I make aligners in-house?

Doing-it-yourself (diy aligners) or in-office aligners sounds like a great option in concept. There are many aspects to perfect clear aligner manufacturing that need to be considered before making the decision to manufacture on your own. Click Here.

What is the lead time on the aligners?

The order will be dispatched within 24 to 48 business hours of receiving it.

What is my price benefit if I order from Quiteclear?

Pay-per-aligner pricing structure reduces your investment which would rather be used elsewhere such as for marketing and expansion/growth instead of investing in costly professional-grade machinery that requires the constant need to upgrade.

Do I need to order all the aligners at once?

No. Order sets of 6-8 aligners at a time. This will reduce the cost you pay upfront and at the same time keep track and adjustments to your treatment plan as it progresses. You can order all aligners at once also for your international clients (NRI patients – Dental Tourism).

What expenses can I save on if I choose to manufacture with Quiteclear?

Skilled Employee: Removes the need for dedicated designers to fix files and make them 3D Printable after the planning stage, skilled machine operators to
carry out production and messy post-processing on expensive machinery, and maintenance technicians to handle breakdowns, skilled employees to
thermoform, trim and post-process clear aligners.

Inventory: No hassle of sourcing machine-specific materials which are subject to availability and come with an expiry date.

Production: With a growing business, production and machinery breakdowns can cause added expense

Capacity: Make expansion plans without worrying about your production capacity, we have got your product covered.

Lab Cost: No gigantic upfront lab cost.

Packaging Boxes: Good quality boxes that leave an impression are expensive unless you order at MOQ which turns out to be expensive when you are just
starting out.

Can I plan my own treatment?

Absolutely yes! Or you can use a treatment planning service if you are just starting out. Contact us and we can connect you with the right sources.

Can I choose which foil to use for all my cases?

We offer a wide range of foils to choose from: Scheu® CA® Pro+ & Duran+®, Taglus® PU Flex & Premium, Erkodent® – Erkodur® & Erkodur-al®, Zendura™ FLX Bart Medical® Ghost Aligner® and more. Authenticity guarantee. Different Aligner brand sheets can be offered (GTFLEX, Leone) subject to availability and within the purview of quality standards. Here is our guide to choosing the ideal material for your practice.

Can I order button cuts and elastic hooks in clear aligners?

Button cuts and elastic hooks can be integrated within the aligners as instructed in your orders. Click here to learn more about its uses.

What are the attachments used for in clear aligners?

Attachments are strategically placed on specific locations of teeth to get certain movements. Click here.

What is the price per aligner?

Our prices are volumetric. Meaning the more you order, the lower the price. Contact us for prices.

Can I get samples?

Absolutely yes! Connect with us and we can send you samples of the brand and trims you prefer. We advise you to send us a current case to gauge the fitment as well.

Is Quiteclear like any other dental lab?

Quiteclear is the only dental clear aligner manufacturing lab in India focused on making aligners and nothing else. Much like an aligner factory!

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