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Button Cuts & Elastic Hooks in Clear Aligners

Can Clear Aligners Treat All Kinds of Malocclusions? Orthodontists are still limiting the use of Clear Aligners for treatment till Class I malocclusion cases only. Why do you think they shy away from treating Class II and Class III malocclusion…

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Are We Competing Now?

Dear Reader, If you are reading this, then you might have the slightest interest in the aligners business. And more the less interest in getting clear aligners manufactured with a white-label service like ours (, a sub-brand of Thirdinrev Global).…

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Quite Curious?

A while ago we shared glimpses of our online Dashboard ordering system in a short video. It did raise a few curious eyebrows. They intended to know more and we intended on sharing more. Below is a recap of the…

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Why we Matter.

I came across an article that had pointers on 'How to write better emails faster'. An important question the author had asked was: What does your stuff solve? So I noted down all the things I could think of in…

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Order Status in Real-time: Clear Aligner Ordering

  Ordering white-label clear aligners on the Quiteclear Dashboard is amazingly simple. There are so many well-thought-out features that have been integrated within it that provide complete ease of ordering for clients. When you place an order, you are eager…

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One Aligner Per Foil

How do we maintain the quality of all the clear aligners that ship out of Quiteclear? By ensuring one aligner is formed per foil! Cost-cutting measures of two aligners per foil never produce an aligner worth wearing and those who…

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