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Price Drop Alert: Zendura FLX!

Why we Matter.

I came across an article that had pointers on ‘How to write better emails faster’. An important question the author had asked was: What does your stuff solve?

So I noted down all the things I could think of in a matter of a few minutes to make sure I knew why we mattered to our clients. Some of the below also include actual feedback received from our clients and some of them are what I firmly believe my company adds value to our client’s business.

  1. Our ordering platform for White-label clear aligners is one of the easiest tools they have come across to place and track orders in real time.
  2. Our billing/invoices are spot on. We have never had an issue or complaint about false charges or overcharges (Clients have always loathed being overcharged/false-charged elsewhere when they weren’t paying attention)
  3. You pay per model. So your lab cost is ZERO. Ordering in small batches reduces the burden off you and your patient.
  4. Can we all jointly agree that ‘Doing-it-yourself‘ is not the key to everything at all times? Trained technicians are hard to find and harder to retain. 3D Printers are expensive and messy. Maintaining and managing them needs know-how, technician, and a lot of knowledge of handling errors. Inventory management can be a pain if they come with an expiry and an expensive price tag.
  5. How do you plan to manage sudden surges in orders? We have the capacity to process larger volumes!
  6. We have high regard for quality. Each aligner that ships out is perfect in trim, accurate in fit, super soft to touch on the edge, and clear as water.
  7. The aligners are marked and packed with utmost accuracy and care.
  8. For clients on a budget, we provide convenient packaging that is brand marked along with starter kits based on requirements to reduce their procurement cost and hassle.
  9. For clear aligner companies, we offer to provide packaging as per requirement or use their brand kit to ship directly to their clients.
  10. We ALWAYS use a brand of foils we promise of. Unlike many in the industry who manipulate and use unwarranted brands, we have a strict NO NO for such unprofessional acts as we know that we are here to stay in the long run and such practices cannot survive a business for long.
  11. We ALWAYS form ONE model per foil. (If you don’t believe me, I can ship you all your foil disc cut-outs at the end of the month. Really!)
  12. Our staff is always on top of any inquiry you have about an order from the moment it is ordered to the moment it gets delivered.
  13. I am so proud to say that we are one of the fastest to ship out the aligners from the time an order is received. Don’t believe me? Why don’t we give it a shot?
  14. Samples are your key to knowing that I am not bluffing for any of the above. So in order to get them, or talk to me at +91 990 997 3333.

I am sure there is more but let’s keep it to this for this article.

Arti Amin

Co-founder at Thirdinrev and Quiteclear

Arti Amin

Through their articles, Arti Amin aims to demystify the sourcing of clear aligners, address common concerns involving decision-making of production vs outsourcing, and provide practical tips for navigating the orthodontic journey. Their writing not only informs readers but also inspires them to take control of their clear aligner business and provide crucial information on the nitty-gritty of the emerging clear-aligner trend that is taking over how Orthodontic treatments will be performed in the oncoming years.

About Quiteclear

Quiteclear is a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, committed to providing high-quality, innovative orthodontic solutions. Our mission is to make orthodontic treatment accessible to those who wish to outsource their manufacturing needs to a white-label manufacturer without getting into the messy production but at the same time be able to offer such advancement in Orthodontics at their practice. With state-of-the-art technology and a time-centric approach, we are transforming smiles worldwide.

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