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Quiteclear Dashboard is Live!

Quiteclear manufactures white-label clear aligners for all the rational people out there who understand the value of outsourcing. More on manufacturing in-office vs. outsourcing will come up shortly.

Why did we launch the Dashboard?

To answer that, let’s travel a bit into how we got into making Clear Aligners. Thirdinrev Global, the parent company of Quiteclear provides 3D Printing solutions. A long time ago an Orthodontist friend asked if we could 3D Print dental models so he could manufacture clear aligners at his clinic.

Word spread out and we were 3D Printing thousands of models monthly! Clients were over the moon. They wanted to get onboard by being early adapters in the new wave of digital dentistry and at the same time did not want to get into the mess of production and all it brings with it such as inventory management, huge investment in machinery, trained technicians required to operate machinery, breakdowns and countless other elements.

We wanted to offer more, so we did months of R&D with Orthodontists on boards and came up with our service of White-label clear aligners made in the choice of thermoforming foil of the client (Most prefer brands such as Duran+, Taglus, Erkodur-AL, Zendura). We offered it to our existing clients and almost immediately 90% of them jumped ship to get the final product. The best part was that we got new clients (Aligner companies) who loved our service for shipping out aligners in their brand packaging to their B2B and B2C clients.

Our lead time on the order is the shortest in the industry, be it 3d models or clear aligners. The day-to-day operations involved receiving orders in emails (digital treatment planned files) or via file sharing websites, sending out order confirmations, communicating on a daily basis regarding the real-time status of each order, dispatch details, etc. Now all of this is to be done for a large number of items going out each day. If it was this busy for us, our clients too also had a tough time remembering all their orders and their subsequent status.

In the quest to make ordering easy for white-label clear aligners, the Quiteclear Dashboard was launched!


  • Keep track of all your order status in real-time
  • Receive SMS and email alerts
  • Manage patient profile
  • Keep track of patient treatment history
  • Upload digital files and archive
  • Download invoice
  • Download order history

Why don’t we or chat over the phone (+91 9909973333) and talk more?

Arti Amin

Through their articles, Arti Amin aims to demystify the sourcing of clear aligners, address common concerns involving decision-making of production vs outsourcing, and provide practical tips for navigating the orthodontic journey. Their writing not only informs readers but also inspires them to take control of their clear aligner business and provide crucial information on the nitty-gritty of the emerging clear-aligner trend that is taking over how Orthodontic treatments will be performed in the oncoming years.

About Quiteclear

Quiteclear is a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, committed to providing high-quality, innovative orthodontic solutions. Our mission is to make orthodontic treatment accessible to those who wish to outsource their manufacturing needs to a white-label manufacturer without getting into the messy production but at the same time be able to offer such advancement in Orthodontics at their practice. With state-of-the-art technology and a time-centric approach, we are transforming smiles worldwide.

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