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One Aligner Per Foil

How do we maintain the quality of all the clear aligners that ship out of Quiteclear?

By ensuring one aligner is formed per foil!

Cost-cutting measures of two aligners per foil never produce an aligner worth wearing and those who follow this practice can’t survive their business for long. The thickness differs throughout the aligner and treatment with such an aligner will never be successful.

Quiteclear’s (sub-brand of Thirdinrev Global) service of white-label manufacturing clear aligners promises the clients the best quality product. Each of the aligners that ships out goes through strict multiple levels of quality control be it forming on the 3D Printed model as one model per sheet no matter how small the arch is, laser marking the patient ID, number, and brand logo, to trimming and packaging of the clear aligner before it is shipped.

Get started with samples of our flawless aligners.

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